About Isabella Crutcher

Isabella Crutcher lives in Turlock, California.  Her parents are Les and Cindy Crutcher and she has an older brother, Cameron.

At age four, Isabella ingested a strain of bacteria called E. coli in April 2011.  The infection developed into a condition called HUS, and affected many of her organs requiring a six and half week stay at Children’s Hospital of Central California.  The deadly bacteria caused acute kidney failure.  The source of the infection was inconclusive.  Isabella was on dialysis since the time of diagnosis and her kidneys did not improve so the doctors at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California, recommended a life-saving kidney transplant

After extensive testing, a good match that doctors approved, was found!

It was then time for Isabella to take the next step in her journey, which meant receiving a new kidney from her Daddy.   This new step brings with it a whole new set of challenges: Immune suppressants, risk of rejection, the need for excess fluid intake, and biopsies.   Along with the bad also comes the good: No more nightly peritoneal dialysis, less medications, no risk of infection from an abdominal catheter, and best of all an expanded diet. 

On May 1, 2012 Isabella received her new Kidney, and things went well.  Post surgery life involves trips to the lab and clinic with regular adjustments to medications to help keep the new Kidney happy.  The best part of post transplant is the variety of food Isabella is allowed to eat, but the big challenge is the consumption of 2 plus liters of fluid daily.  Approximately 6 weeks post transplant the doctors released Isabella to come back home and she is now back in her own bed a recovering well. 

Facing a life long battle with medical challenges and the eminent increase of medical expenses, Isabella’s family has turned to a national charity for help.  The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) organizes and guides community volunteers in fund raising to provide for transplant related expenses for kids like Isabella. 

Thank you for walking alongside us in our journey!